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Produced by Joey Cape

2019 Remastered

Pressed at 45 RPM 


These albums had a misprint from the manufacturing plant which caused a printed defect on the front album art.  


1043 copies pressed

158 Clear with heavy Blue and Yellow Splatter - SOLD OUT!

105 Half Black and Half Cloudy Clear

780 Solid black


7 test pressings were made

3 will be available for sale.

Walt Hamburger - One Week Records - #1 - Reissue / Remastered

  • A1 - Agape

    A2 - A Thousand Roads

    A3 - A Girl, A Boy and A Graveyard

    A4 - Three Tattoos

    A5 - Whiskey and Jen

    B1 - Legpot

    B2 - The Broom Song

    B3 - Stay Strong

    B4 - Believe in We

    B5 - Sail Away

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