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583 total copies pressed 

293 - Black wax

175 - Grey with Black and Red Splatter (Available from Modern Sounds or through the bundle)

115 - Black and Grey (A side / B side) with Red Splatter

10 Test Pressings total

Recognize Ali & Stu Bangas - "Guerilla Dynasty 2" - Vinyl

  • A1.  Intro
    A2.  In A Rebel's Mind
    A3.  Guerilla Warefare
    A4.  Put You To Sleep - cuts by Swab
    A5.  Full Clip - feat. Lord Goat
    A6.  Pulverized
    A7.  Get Folded - feat. Tone Spliff
    A8.  Real Housewives - feat. Verbal Kent

    B1.  Che Guerilla
    B2.  Imperialism - feat. Eff Yoo, Spit Gemz
    B3.  Eat What You Kill
    B4.  Zero Smoke
    B5.  Murder Was The Case - feat Sagelnfinite, Boob Bronx
    B6.  Bearer Of Bad News  - cuts by Dj Tray
    B7.  Outro

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