515 total copies pressed
123 on blue translucent Exclusive to 1332 Records (This)
196 on green translucent
196 on pink translucent

Spit - "Toxic Noise" - 12" Vinyl - Translucent Blue

  • A1 Monkey  
    A2 Toxic Noise  
    A3 Apocalyptic Paranoids  
    A4 Block, Punch, Counteract  
    A5 Plastic Planet  
    A6 No Human Trash  
    A7 Subsociety  
    A8 Damage Control  
    A9 Centipede  
    A10 Surfin' Tel Aviv  
    B1 Blast It  
    B2 Dynamite Kid  
    B3 Venom  
    B4 Into The Skull  
    B5 Spy Vs Spy  
    B6 Self Contamination (My Depravity)  
    B7 Heart Explodes From Chest  
    B8 Wipe Out  
    B9 Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!