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7" Compilation featuring bands from all over the world.  

Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Vol. IV - 7" vinyl


  • Side Shut
    A1 Upinatem - "We Remain Unimpressed"
    A2 Tino Valpa - "Boner For Honesty"
    A3 Roofied Resistance - "Eat The Feed"
    A4 Potbelly - "A Pervert's Salute To Unity"
    A5 M.D.C. - "Violent Redneck"
    A6 The Porn Stars Of Horror - "Army Of Darkness"

    Side Fuck

    B1 Sledgeback - "Oi Generation"
    B2 Deep Throat - "The Return Of Burzum"
    B3 Crom - "Cigarette Death"
    B4 I.P.A. - "Let's Burn The City Down"
    B5 GG Allin - "I Wanna Fuck Myself"

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