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Shut The Fuck Up and Listen Volume 8
1300 copies pressed
1000 on random color vinyl
300 on clear vinyl (Limited to 1332 Records) (This)

Shut The Fuck Up & Listen Vol. 8 - 7" Clear vinyl

  • Side Shut:
    Yuck Fou - Square Peg
    Klondike Kate - Hey Buddy
    Unbiblical Choris - Circle Jerk Of Life
    Guns Of Nevada - Eye Hate You
    David Ulysses Portnow - How Dare You
    One Sultry Day - W.W.Y.D. What Would You Do?

    Side Fuck:
    ASE - Anno Senza Estate
    Blood Bucket - Louder Than Hell
    Trigger Itch - Radio Action
    Dehumanizers - Cigarette Death
    Endino's Earthworm - Cocaine Roomate

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