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325 copies pressed
165 on Red vinyl exclusive to Yotam
105 on black
55 on blue exclusive to 1332 Records

The year is 1995, Yotam Ben Horin a Brooklyn teen who has relocated to Haifa, Israel with his parents only a year before and already has gotten kicked out of school. He applies for an Art School and gets accepted, over there he meets a skater named Ben who introduces him to Hardcore Punk. A feeling of acceptance is unleashed as Yotam discovers Gorilla Biscuits, DRI, Youth of Today, Bad Religion, Pennywise and other acts influencing him almost instantly to form his first band Rampage along with Asi Penzak and Oded Liran. The trio start rehearsing and record the rehearsals eventually adding Ishay Berger on second guitar to broaden the bands sound. Rampage plays 3 shows throughout 1995 and break up, while later on in the year Ishay joins Useless ID followed by Yotam a year later and the rest is history. This 7" is raw, recorded live and captures a time when there was no internet, no future, just four 16 year olds playing hardcore as they see it.

Rampage - "1995" - 7"

  • Side A
    1. Go Ahead
    2. Thrasher In You

    Side B
    1. Straight Edge
    2. NY Streets

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