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Laengthengurthe - "SHAT" CD

  • 1. Flossing The Teeth Of A Dead Man
    2. Heavy Metal Cheeseburger Body
    3. Kind Of Like Anal
    4. Down Syndrome Vasectomy
    5. Sober As A Judge Reinhold
    6. SHAT
    7. Is That Vagina?
    8. Raw Doggin
    9. Mexican Fingers
    10. Smells Like Someone Shit In Your Stab Wounds
    11. Vietnamese Meat In The Middle
    12. I'm Sorry We Hooked Up At Your Grandma's Funeral
    13. Special Metal
    14. Feast Or Feminine Napkin
    15. Fuck Like A Beast, Shit Like A Goose
    16. We Opened For Anal Cunt, Now Seth Putnam Is Dead
    17. Whitney Would've Loved This Blow
    18. Your Vagina Is Like A Kiddie Pool
    19. Tender Disembowelment
    20. Your Dick Looks Like A Coral Reef
    21. That Last Burp Tasted Like Hymen
    22. You Gotta Feel The Saddle A Little Bit
    23. She Turned Tricks For Cheese
    24. Chris Barnes Ordered Salad
    25. My Orgasms Cause Yeast Infections
    26. Her Blow Jobs Do More Harm Than Good
    27. Stillborn Goats

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