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"Greatest Hits" from Laengthengurthe.  72 tracks of pure GRIND

Laengthengurthe "An Uncomfortable Amount of..." CD

  • 1. Short Bus Slaughter Bus
    2. Amputation Addiction
    3. Needle Dick
    4. There's A Part Of Me That Wants To Cut You
    5. My Neighbor's Tattoo Is Similar To The One On Your Vagina
    6. Smeared Your Ass
    7. The Zombie At The Party Was Me
    8. Ass Eaten By An Anaconda
    9. Feeding You Yourself
    10. Length And Girth
    11. McPreFeces
    12. David Hasselhoff Has A Drinking Problem
    13. Trapped In A Car
    14. Mexican Jumping Bean Enema
    15. I Gave Your Mom Hip Dysplasia
    16. WTFWJD?
    17. Soap Dropper
    18. Up In Your Guts
    19. Special Olympics Pole Vaulter
    20. Can I Ride Your Daughter's Bike?
    21. You Have A Poor Credit Rating
    22. Your Mom Is In A Coma
    23. Yorkie Attack
    24. She Slipped In The Shower, Attending To Her Needs
    25. No One Came To Your Yard Sale
    26. Meat Curtain Strangulation
    27. My Red Rocket Awaits You
    28. My Mom Says I Can't Get Wet In These Clothes
    29. Anally Raped With Megatron
    30. Sandblast My Ass Master
    31. Your Ass Smells Like A Frathouse, You Smell Like A Frathouse
    32. Sausage Party Foul
    33. Paralyzed From The Waist Up
    34. 3rd Degree Indian Burns
    35. Girth And Length
    36. I Have A Hispanic Cousin By Marriage
    37. Dryer Sheet Massacre
    38. An Uncomfortable Amount Of Zombies
    39. Bleached Body In A Toilet
    40. Your Hymen Was Pathetic
    41. Feel Like Rotten
    42. Fresh Young Girl Waits For Your Call
    43. Ass Grabbing Fred From Marketing
    44. Hillbilly Reacharound
    45. I Precum Blood
    46. A Meal Made From A Man's Face
    47. Fat Kid On A Pony
    48. Is This Milk Still Good?
    49. Size 13 Jelly Shoe
    50. Underplayed
    51. This Toilet Paper Is Shitty
    52. Put Your Foot On My Hip And Push Off Dude
    53. I Just Sat In A Creamsicle
    54. Gobble Like A Pelican
    55. Foreign Object Obstruction
    56. I Always Knew I Was Into Bestiality But I Never Knew I Was A Necrophiliac Until My Dog Died
    57. When The River Runs Red Take The Dirt Road
    58. Face In Debris
    59. Nelson Twin Sandwich
    60. It Was As If His Ass Threw Up
    And MANY MORE!!!

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